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Index of Names A complete index, by last name of those persons currently listed in these pages. Name, date of birth, death and spouse are listed

This is the beginning of my genealogy pages. I got interested in genealogy because I wanted to have this information for my children, so these pages contain information about my husbands family as well as my own.

These pages are listed with the oldest male relative with his spouse. Their children are listed next. Families of male offspring are then listed. Girl children's families are listed on their husbands pages.

Each person's main page is the page of their father, if known. Male descendents with the same family name will be on the same page. Female descendents that have children will have their main page on the page of their father, but their children and other information will be on the page of her husband.

The links on names go to the main page of that person, in most cases this will be their fathers page. If their father isn't known, it will be the page where they are known to be related to the family, usually the page of their spouse.

To protect the privacy of those living, I have only listed those generations where I'm reasonably sure there are no persons still living. This will put the last dates of birth around 100 years ago.

Some pages are photo heavy and may take longer to load. Many of the photos are scanned from photo copies of old photos. The quality of the photos reflects this.

I'd like to extend a special thank you to all the relatives who have provided family information and photos. One of the greatest things about doing genealogy is finding those relatives I didn't know before.

How we're related to these people:

Walter (Pete) Wilson



Walter Edward Wilson

Anna Genevieve Wittman

Salvatore Serio

Rosalia Maglio

Rhonda Ann Delles







Michael Delles

Barbara Sophia Bartok

Clyde Borromeo O'Keefe

Jessie Pearl Frederick

George Hannawalt

Mabel Eley

George Richard Dilley

Dora Hattie Cheek

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