Descendants of Petri Delles
Margaretha Goldbing

Petri Delles was born about 1819. Petri married Margaretha Goldbing. She was born March 28, 1819 to Antonii Goldbing and Magdalenae Thomi (Franken) . The family was Catholic.

The Children of Petri Delles and Margaretha Goldbing are:

Antonius Delles, b. December 08, 1838, Brandscheid, Prussia Germany; d. July 29, 1905, Cable Co., Wisconsin.

Catherina Delles, b. September 21, 1852, Brandscheid, Prussia Germany

Nicolaus Delles, b. March 02, 1854, Brandscheid, Prussia Germany

Elisabeth Delles, b. September 23, 1855, Brandscheid, Prussia Germany

Antonius Delles was born in Brandscheid, Prussia Germany on December 08, 1838 to Petri Delles and Margaretha Goldbing. While in Prussia Antonius was a musician.

Antonius married Margaretha Peters, the daughter of Hilarii Peters and Margaretha Hegerts, in Prussia. Margaretha Peters was born in August of 1840. She died April 18, 1912 in Wisconsin.

Antonius and Margaretha's family was Catholic. They moved to the United states with 2 sons, though they may have had older children that stayed behind. Antonius came first. He traveled on the ship the Noordland. It came from Antwerp and arrived in New York on May 1, 1885. After coming to the United states he became a farmer. The rest of the family came on the same route about a year and a half later. They traveled on the Belgenland and arrived on October 7th, 1886. Both ships were owned by the Red Star Line. The family then moved to Wisconsin.

Antonius suffered from tuberculosis 3 years before he died on July 29, 1905 in Cable Co., Wisconsin. Dr. Kate Kelsey MD signed death certificate.

Michael Delles The Children of Antonius Delles and Margaretha Peters are:

Peter Delles, b. about 1877, Brandscheid, Prussia Germany

Michael Delles, b. March 1878, Prum, Rhineland, Prussia; d. November 14, 1947, Clackamas, Oregon.

Peter Delles was born about 1877 in Brandscheid, Reinland, Prussia to Antonius Delles and Margaretha Peters. He was 9 years old when he arrived in New York on the Belgenland on October 7th, 1886. He then moved with his parents and brother to Wisconsin. Peter didn't marry and had no children. He changed his last name to Dalles or Dallas.

Michael and Barbara Delles Michael Delles was born to Antonius Delles and Margaretha Peters in March 1878 in Prum, Rhineland, Prussia. He was 7 years old when he arrived in New York on the Belgenland on October 7th, 1886. He moved with his parents and older brother to Wisconsin.

Michael married Barbara Sophia Bartok,a widow, born October 07, 1880 in Vienna, Austria. She was the daughter of Johan Bartok and Marie Groffenstein (Blankenbuecheler). Michael and Barbara married on April 22, 1907 in Cable, Wisconsin. Below is a photo of a 1940 certificate of their marriage.

Michael and Barbara's marriage certificate

The family moved to Collville, Stevens Co, Washington, where Michael was a farmer. Michael left the family in 1927. The youngest of their 8 children was only 4 years old when he left. He was never heard from again until the family was notified of his death in Clackamas, Oregon on November 14, 1947. One of his sons, my Grandfather, retrieved the body and brought it back by train to be buried at the Colville cemetery. Barbara was buried next to him after her death on April 26, 1965.

Michael's headstone

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