Descendants of Mr. Gagliano
Provvidenzia Serio

Mr. Gagliano married Provvidenzia Serio.

Provvidenzia was the daughter of Rosario Serio and Giovanna Valente. Provvidenzia was born July 28, 1849. She later married Biagio Maglio. She died June 12, 1939 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was buried at the Holy Cross Cemetery there.

The Child of Mr. Gagliano and Provvidenzia Serio is:

Ignazio Gagliano

Ignazio Gagliano married Camilla Brucato the daughter of Mr. Brucato and Domenica Serio. Ignazio and Camilla had at least one child.

The Child of Ignazio Gagliano and Camilla Brucato is:

Charles Gagliano

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