Descendants of Joseph Henry Hannawalt

Joseph Henry Hannawalt married and had at least 1 child.

The Child of Joseph Henry Hannawalt is:

James Hannawalt

James Hannawalt was born to Joseph Henry Hannawalt.

James married Fannie Walker . The had at least 1 child.

The Child of James Hannawalt and Fanny Walker is:

George William Hannawalt, b. August 10, 1885, Illinois; d. July 30, 1937, Labodie, Missouri

George William Hannawalt was born on August 10, 1885, in Illinois to James Hannawalt and Fanny Walker.

George was married in about 1905 to Mabel Eley. Mabel was the daughter of Jerome Corbin Eley and Carrie Morrison and was born March 23, 1886 in Green, Wisconsin.

George and Mabel had 10 children between 1906 and 1927. George died on July 30, 1937 in Labodie, Missouri.

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