The Descendants of Francis O'Keefe
Marguerite Barbara Bonnett

Francis O'Keefe was born in 1865 and died in 1894. His father may have been Lukis (or Luke) Johann O'Keeffe. During his lifetime Francis was an artist.

He married Marguerite Barbara Bonnett, the daughter of John Bonnett and Elizabeth Tone. She was born April 02, 1870 in London, Midlesex, Ontario, Canada and died February 09, 1962 in her home at Northport, Stevens Co., Washington. It's my understanding that Marguerite changed the spelling from O'Keeffe to O'Keefe after the death of Francis.

Francis O'Keeffe

The Children of Francis O'Keeffe and Maruguerite Bonnett are:

Clyde Barromeo O'Keefe, b. November 04, 1890, Devils Lake, Ramsey, North Dakota; d. July 13, 1928, Colville, Stevens Co., Washington.

Luke Bonnett O'Keefe, b. February 18, 1893, Mankato Blue Earth, Minnesota; d. 1967, Colville, Stevens Co., Washington.

Clyde O'Keefe

Clyde Barromeo O'Keefe was born to Francis O'Keeffe and Marguerite Barbara Bonnett on November 04, 1890, at Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., North Dakota. He was a Pole Contractor and lived in North Dakota, and Republic, Spokane, Boundry, Leadpoint and Colville, Washington.

Clyde married Jessie Pearl Frederick on December 21, 1910 in Coeur D'Alene, Kootenai Co., Idaho. Jessie was born February 13, 1890 in Arcadia, Kansas, to Christopher Columbus Frederick and Henrieta Ann Burns. Jessie died of a stroke on August 02, 1968 and was buried in Colville, Stevens Co., Washington.

Clyde met Jessie while she was with her brother in Leadpoint, Washington. After they married they built a cabin on Clyde's timber claim, where they lived for 7 years.

The tent where Clyde and Jessie stayed while building the cabin.
The finished cabin.

The family later moved into Leadpoint and then to Colville, Washington. Clyde and Jessie had 8 children.

Clyde died on July 13, 1928, when he was only 37 years old. He was buried in Colville, Stevens Co., Washington.

Luke Bonnett O'Keefe was born February 18, 1893 to Francis O'Keeffe and Marguerite Barbara Bonnett, in Mankato Blue Earth, Minnesota. He died in 1967 in Colville, Stevens Co., Washington, and was buried at the Mountain View Cemetery there.

Luke married Ida Elissa Binger, the daughter of August Binger and Augusta. She was born March 17, 1897 in Ostego, Michigan, and died July 16, 1950 in Ritzville, Washington.

Luke Bonnett O'Keefe and Ida Elissa Binger had 1 child.

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