Me Rhonda Wilson

Hi, You've probably found this through one of my web sites. I have several. If you're interested in visiting them, the main pages are:

Natural Aquariums
Vintage Dolls
Pink Depression Glass

I also sell on eBay at:
Gupp's Goodies

The photos to the right are of me. For the one on top I had my hair, make-up and photo professionally done. I don't think it really captures me. The one on the bottom is one I took of myself with my more usual messy hair and no make-up on. So anyway that's pretty much about how I look. The first photo was taken in 2005 and the second in 2006.

The photo just above is an old scan I did of one taken when I was about 8 or 9. There was an old barn and bridge I liked to go have picnics at and catch fish when I was a little girl. I don't think there's much of a bridge any more. We drove by when I took the boys from my Mom's in Idaho, to Curlew, Washington a couple years ago to go fishing. I always loved the water and everything that lived in it.

I was born on May 24, 1964 in Colville Washington. We lived in several places when I was growing up. I'm not sure exactly where we lived when I was a baby but these are the places I remember and are meaningful to me: Naselle, Washington 1968-70, Spokane, Washington 1970-77, Helena, Montana 1978-80, and back to Colville 1980-82. Where I graduated from Colville High. I then moved to Aberdeen, Washington for about a year then back to Helena where I stayed until 1989. It was a cold winter in 88-89. I moved to Mesa, Arizona that spring.

Disneyland 2001

I'm still in Mesa with my four boys. The oldest Adrian, 23, Cooper 16, Spencer 13, and Wylie 8. The youngest two boys are autistic which has helped make our lives more intersting to say the least.

In addition to making my web pages and selling on eBay, I co-authored a book, The Simple Guide to Planted Aquariums and write a monthly column for Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine. And I'm modestly involved in several aquarium clubs.

In addition to the kids and critters, I collect several vintage and antique items. In fact my house is really much more full of things than it should be and I'm thinning some of it down. I also had a booth in an antiques mall for a couple years and have a few things left over from that. More fodder for eBay.

My past jobs include; bookstore manager, radio station news director , disc jockey and hotel night audit. I did a lot of babysitting as a teenager and then started working radio part time when I was 16 in Helena. Then I moved to Colville. When I came back to Helena I started working as a desk clerk for a hotel and then night audit. In the middle of that, while I was pregnant with Adrian, I started working radio again. After he was born I switched from hotel to bookstore and started working as a bookseller, still working radio part time. I eventually got the job as a news director and switched to part time at the book store. When I moved to Arizona I had intended to try to get another radio job but instead started working full time at a bookstore, eventually moving up to a management position. When Cooper was about a year old I decided to become a full time mom. Now I'm working at home, writing, taking photos, creating web pages, and selling on eBay.

About my web pages

I write all my web pages in text. I started doing web pages in 1996 for FishNet. My personal aquarium pages were started in 1997. Back then the html editors were pretty bad and so I learned to write html myself and have been doing my pages that way ever since.

Photos on the pages are generally ones I've taken. Obviously the historical photos on the Genealogy pages were taken by others and of course if other people post photos on my forum they are their photos. There are only a couple other photos in the site that aren't mine and they are noted next to those photos.

Drawings in the aquarium pages are mine. And the graphics on the Genealogy pages are still ones I did 10 years ago. The wallpaper in the dolls pages are digitally manupilated scans of vintage wallpapers. The graphics and wallpapers on this page and the Pink Depression Glass pages are a few of the vintage wallpapers and a lot of pieces of the art work of Alphonse Mucha. Mucha is my favorite artist.

If you want to email me anyway I can be reached at rhonda at my aquarium domain, naturalaquariums dot com. Sorry for writing it out like that but I really hate to get spam, and if I put it in the correct way with @ and . then I get huge amounts of spam.