Descendants of Ignazio Serio
Concetta Mariano

Ignazio Serio married Concetta Mariano . They had at least 1 child.

The Child of Ignazio Serio and Concetta Mariano is:

Salvatore Serio , b. March 27, 1877, Santo Stefano Camastra; d. February 26, 1925, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Salvatore Serio was born to Ignazio Serio and Concetta Mariano on March 27, 1877 in Santo Stefano Camastra.

Salvatore married Rosalia Maglio on December 10, 1905 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Rosalia was born on May 23, 1887 in Santo Stefano Camastra, to Biagio Maglio and Provvidenzia Serio. Salvatore and Rosalia had 7 children.

Salvatore died February 26, 1925, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was buried at the Holy Cross Cemetery, in Milwaukee. Rosalia died on November 30, 1974 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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